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Phase IV Management

The present world scenario is that of information explosion where drug safety data is readily available to all at the click of a mouse. However, most of the available information is not derived from reliable sources. Information may be sought in an elementary way by the consumers or in the form of high end safety information by the regulatory authorities from the pharmaceutical companies. With the need for more safety related data of the marketed products in order to meet the growing demands of the regulators and the general public, it is imperative that the marketing authorization holders design and conduct meaningful phase IV studies.

The chief scientific and commercial differences between Phase IV and other phases of a clinical trial like Phase II and III can be met with Thinki expertise. Our team of experts are capable of providing valuable insights to the sponsor regarding phase IV studies in order to meet their expectations in a scientific and cost effective manner. The Thinki team follow a system of seamless operational management so as to blend effectively with the sponsor team.

In this arena, we provide services spanning from protocol writing to manuscript submission. We at Thinki strive to give Scientific yet Cost Effective Phase IV management services.