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Dr. Sandeep Bhatia

Dr. Sandeep Bhatia is Medical Affairs & Clinical Development leader with 15 years of Pharmaceutical experience.

Dr Sandeep has worked extensively in field of Oncology Medical Affairs and headed Medical Affairs department for Global Pharmaceutical companies. He was the Head of Oncology Medical Affairs for MSD India and also led Medical Affairs team for Roche, India. Apart from this he has gained significant experience by working in companies like Novartis , Sanofi & Mylan.

He has been strategic fuel behind rise of many big brands and business unit. He was amongst the first Pharmaceutical physician to talk about Immuno-Oncology and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in India.

Hands on experience of various facets of healthcare sector have proven his entrepreneurial skills and now he is a Medical Director & Senior Partner in Think-I as first generation entrepreneur.

By qualification Dr Sandeep Bhatia is a trained ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon and has clinical & surgical experience in Oncology.

Strengths : Ideation, Strategic, Achiever & Restorative.